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It's About our Nation


We get a letter from the Social Security Administration each year to remind us of our benefits.  On the back of the first page there is a section that says, “Congress has made changes to the law in the past and can do so at any time.  The law governing benefit amounts may change because, by 2033 the payroll taxes collected will only be enough to pay about 77% of the scheduled benefits.”  We need to stop this madness.  OUR do nothing Congress is just going to let this happen without even trying to save Social Security for our Seniors living on a fixed income.  


It's About Quality of Life

It's About our Seniors


Kristin has spent 20 years protecting children at home and around the world. It's time to have a direct impact on the quality of their lives at home in Maryland. New directions in education, to include "votec", will open more doors for more kids. We need someone to close the gap in education. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have now joined our team to call for free college tuition for "in state" students. My plan goes one step further to say free tuition should be reserved for those kids who earn it with a 3.25GPA or bettter.  Let's make this a great nation again.  Read More

It's all about the quality of life for our children and our children's children.

Everyone should be able to find a little happiness in life regardless of the circumstances.  From our children to our Veterans, we have to do a better job delivering on our promises of jobs, education, the environment and energy.  I have a solid plan to fix Social Security, Veteran’s health care, Medicare and Obamacare without increasing the burden to seniors or taxpayers. Please vote on April 26, 2016.


Come Join  OUR Team and Vote on April 26

It's About our Children

It's About our Future


Gasoline needs to be under $2/gallon consistently. I support the export of 400M barrels of oil and 200bcm of natural gas (LNG) per year. The price of milk should be under $1.50/gallon. I support removing agricultural subsidies and price supports. Prices for energy across the board can come down below 7 cents per kilowatt hour.  I support massive increases in the use of wind and solar. Food, housing and the basics could cost less if we actually tried to deliver on our promises.  Is this really too much to ask? 


I'm Tired of the Triple Whammy

From a Supporter in Lusby MD, 

I am a Lusby Maryland resident who came across your name while reading a NY Times article.  I went to your website and after reading the table that contrasts Hoyers and your view, I donated $30 to your campaign. It's not a lot, but I hope it helps. Hoyer has been in Congress too long and has not done anything other then forgotten about Southern Maryland. If you need assistance with your campaign, perhaps working at polling stations, let me know.

“What we need in the United States is not division; what we need in the United States is not hatred; what we need in the United States is not violence or lawlessness, but love and wisdom and compassion toward one another and a feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our country, whether they be white or they be black..." Bobby Kennedy

Kristin Beck

On the Issues

Southern Maryland must decide whether we keep heading down the path we are on or do we make some kind of change for the better. Do we continue the 34-year decline of our middle class? Do we continue passing trade deals like NAFTA and TPA that ship our jobs overseas or do we end them and bring our jobs home.  Do we insource jobs from Mexico and Central America with cheap labor or start to close the growing gap between the very rich and everyone else.  Do we fight for a realistic economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides health care for all? As Bernie Sanders puts it, “Are we prepared to take on the enormous economic and political power of the billionaire class, or do we continue to allow Wall Street, K Street and Big Pharma to rule American Politics?” These are some of the most important questions facing Southern Maryland from Lexington Park to College Park, and how we answer them will determine the future of the 5th Congressional District.

Kristin Beck

On the Issues: Social Security

The working middle class is getting squeezed again.  Everyone talks about raising the Social Security age, the amount we pay for social security and cutting the benefits we get from social security.  That’s why they call it the third rail of politics.  Anyone who touches it gets killed.  Well, maybe I get killed or maybe being a retired Navy SEAL will protect me, but I am grabbing hold of that third rail right now because I want to change things.


First.  Those of us who are building America one brick and one road at a time can’t wait until we are 68 or 69 or even 70 to retire.  Their backs are gone before they hit 60.  Most of our Veterans are in the same boat.  Their knees and their backs are shot from humping hundred pound loads of gear half way across Afghanistan.  We want a shot at retiring when our bodies wear out.  Hell, I have been blown up.  How do you think my body feels. 


So here is the plan I put forward over a year ago. We need a way for people to start retiring at age 50 when their doctors say it’s time to slow down or just common sense says it’s time to slow down.  I have a plan to allow you to save funds for your health care in an account called HSA’s and I have a plan to allow you to save funds for general retirement in an account called PSA’s and I have a plan to allow you to start withdrawing a small amount of your regular social security at age 50.  If you are working in a job that wears out your body you will be able to slow down and start dipping into your retirement at age 50.  HSA’s will be set up to allow you to save tax free for a lifetime and the government will contribute as well.  My plan makes sure that if you live a healthy life style, the government will contribute up to $2,000 per year to your HSA and you will contribute anywhere from $75 per month to $2,500 per month.  Combined, my plan creates a health care fund worth anywhere from $60,000 to $500,000 depending on how much you save and how healthy you live.  PSA’s are a supplement to Social Security to get you from age 50 to age 70.  You can save up to $1,000 per month for life (birth to age 50).  That’s up to $600,000 that is tax-free.  No matter what, it’s tax-free.  You’re parents can pay into this account until you are age 25 and you can pay in beginning at age 18.  And finally, I want for you to recieve what would be 20% of your social security benefit at age 50 and allow you to access up to $400 per month.  Realistically, I expect the average American to be able to set aside and or receive up to $2,500 per month beginning at age 50 and then jumping to $4,500 per month at age 70.  Combine this with Medicare that kicks in at age 65 and you should be able to slow down and take care of yourself beginning at age 50. 


Second, I want to combine this with an increase in the regular retirement age to age 70.  You can receive partial retirement at age 50, but you can only receive full retirement at age 70.  This allows people who don’t wear out their bodies doing manual labor for a lifetime to continue to contribute to their retirement plan a bit longer and at the same time protects those who simply cannot work to age 70.


Third, I want to make a very small increase to the social security payroll tax of one quarter of one percent.  This increase is necessary to maintain the solvency of the system as it is today.  It’s a bitter pill, but let me tell you what’s worse.  In just a few years, under existing law, your benefits will be cut by at least 22%.  Steny Hoyer and his friends in Congress have already passed the legislation to make that happen and I have it fully documented on the campaign website.  So your choice is to either accept something like my plan that increases your payment now by 0.025% or take Steny’s benefit cut of 22%.  It should be pretty easy for you to make the right choice.  It’s a no brainer.


Bottom line is this.  I have a plan that allows you to begin your retirement at age 50 in exchange for increasing the full retirement age by a year or two depending on your age now and increasing your contribution to Social Security Payroll taxes by a tiny fraction of one percent.  If you want to kill the messenger, then April 26 is your date.  My name will be on the ballot.  But if you want to retire beginning at age 50, then you need to pencil me in on election day.


Kristin Beck

Bernie Sanders said, "Americans should not have to pay higher prices for the exact same drugs than our Canadian neighbors simply because Congress is bought and paid for by the powerful pharmaceutical industry."  That means Steny Hoyer and the House leadership has been bought as well.  We need someone to represent us that is not in the pocket of "Big Pharma".

Advice and Council from a New Supporter

~ I believe government has the responsibility to ensure the rights of its citizens.

~ I believe government has a responsibility to help those in need.

~ I believe government should be transparent and fiscally responsible.

~ I believe those in power need to understand the horrors of war before sending its citizens into harms way.

Kristin Beck

Wow!!  Read this Email From a Supporter

Dear Congressman Hoyer,



I will do my best to help Ms. Beck defeat you come April 26.



I am writing you in regards to your campaign for re-election and why I will NOT be supporting you in this Democratic primary. I have been a constituent of yours for the past 9 years since I purchased my home in xxxxxxxxx, MD exactly 1 day before the real estate market crash. My home, like many others was deeply underwater and on a few occasions the bank threatened to take my house into foreclosure. In all that time (nine years) there wasn't a lot of help made available to me and I was able to get the ship steered in the right direction, but only on my own, only by my own efforts. I have also had dealings with your constituency services office regarding several issues I have had with the IRS over the course of the last almost 9 years and your office hasn't been the least bit helpful with Ms. xxxxxxxx of your Greenbelt office speaking to me in such a rude and condescending way that it made me contact someone in your congressional office only to have them be just as rude. As an African American man with children I cannot stomach the thought of the same ole same ole. The continued spiral down this path of politics as usual doesn't sit well with me. Career politicians who are bought and sold by special interest and Wall Street does not sit well with me. And when I think of my children and my grandchildren I have to think about the world they will inherit from me. I cannot in good consciousness support your candidacy for re-election. I have committed to voting for Kristin Beck who seems to believe in the same ideals as myself.  Secretary Clinton is not what is best for the country and I will no longer participate in the politics of the lesser of two evils. It's Sanders or Bust. I will do my best to help Ms Beck defeat you on April 26. 



A Few months ago I had an exchange with a supporter named Tim.  Tim and I went back and forth on a number of key issues.  Since then I have been touched by many of my supporters and most of their comments are on this website in a section called “Just Say’in”.  But sometimes there is a supporter that says something so important that it goes on the home page just like when Tim and I were discussing things.  I won’t give you any real names so I am calling this supporter Janet.




Good luck with your campaign. You are running against a powerful man. I actually have nothing bad I can say about Steny Hoyer. He is the Democratic Whip with an honorable voting record and a clear stance in favor of LGBT rights and a $1.7million  war chest to fight you. He could probably get more money easily if he needs it.

      A few days ago I spent some time Googling the demographics of your district. As best I can recall he won his last mid term primary election with a 42% turnout and got 85% of the votes against a female opponent. There was a total of 46,000 votes cast.  The lowest voter turnout in decades.

     I know you don't want to march under the rainbow banner but I don't see any other way for you to win this. Look at it this way; how many times did you put on camo and pretend to be a tree for the sole purpose of winning. Like it or not you are wearing the LGBT camo. You need to use it.

     Statistically there are 15,000 LGBT people in your district. You need 100% of every single LGBT to turnout and vote for you. This works out well for you because you will get all the LGBT votes. . You will get the votes from women feminists that want more women in office and you will get some of the votes from people who never vote for the incumbent because they always want change. You will get a good portion of the black vote because they understand your struggles and want to vote against the establishment that has been a huge disappointment to the whole community for many, many years. You will get more than your fair share of the Veteran vote.  Not many people have ever fought in a ground combat role in three wars and seven deployments.

      If you heavily court the LGBT vote you stand a chance of pulling out a miracle. It would take a miracle to win but a miracle might come. Proof of this can be seen in the Sanders and Trump Campaigns. People are fed up with the feds. They want a real and legit change and they are willing to stand up and support a non-conforming candidate like Sanders or Trump to get that change. Political change is in the air and Transgender rights are in the public eye largely because of Jenner. If you can capitalize on these two things you actually have a decent chance of winning. If you can make it to the Congress I think you have a clear and real path for the Presidency down the road.

     Here's what I think you need to do. Get out where the young people in your district hang out, including the LGBT hangouts and start talking to them face to face.  Get them out to vote.  Go on Craig’s list and respond to young people like yourself and send them a note and ask them to get out and vote.

     You know all the right things to say. Don't say anything bad about anybody. When people ask why you want to be in congress say all the things you believe in first. Then say that's why you want it to be you. That will be the hardest question you get. A good answer is something like this: I believe government has the responsibility to ensure the rights of its citizens. I believe government has a responsibility to help those in need. I believe government should be transparent and fiscally responsible. I believe those in power need to understand the horrors of war before sending its citizens into harms way. Therefore I think I need to take the lead again. Elect me!

     This is an important idea. People wont rally behind a plan, they rally behind values they also believe. Martin Luther did not say I have a plan, he said I have a dream.  Obama did not say "This is how" he said "yes we can"

  Don't reply to this letter. You don't have time.


The times are changing. Keep up. (


Win this.





You Can Do It

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Click picture to listen to the speech.